Sunday, March 05, 2006

Super Dark Chocolate Chocolate Vanilla 3-Layer Cake

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So today I set out on an ambitious task. I was to make a 3 layer cake, chocolate ganache in between the layers, and homemade vanilla frosting. Other than a lack of good decorating skills for a 3 layer cake, I'm very pleased with the results.

The cake came together really well. I cheated and used a dark chocolate boxed cake mix (actually 2 boxes worth). When I was mixing the batter I sifted the cake mix. I don't know for sure if it make a difference but the batter came out very smooth (no lumps) and all 3 cake layers baked really evenly.

I had never made my own icing other than cream cheese icing before so I was a little worried about how it would turn out. To my surprise it was pretty easy. I do have to admit, if I didn't have the kitchenaid mixer it would be a very difficult task (and I would never do it). The icing consists of butter, powdered sugar, heavy cream, vanilla, and a little salt.

To go in between the cake layers I made a really simple ganache by mixing melted dark chocolate, vanilla, and cream together. When it had cooled it thickened and I spread that between the cakes.

And now came the hard part. I shouldn't have made bottom 2 layers so close in size to each other (the bottom layer is 10" and the middle is 9") or I should have made just one size and did a double layer. Icing those two layers and making them actually look like different layers was pretty much impossible. Once I had everything coated in the vanilla icing, I wasn't really happy with how the cake looked so I opened a tub of store bought icing and used that to decorate the cake. Although the decorating didn't go the best I'm still really proud of the cake.

I will be taking it to work tomorrow and I will post a comment to let you know if it was liked or not.

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At 8:51 AM, Blogger Jeremiah Scott said...

So I brought this into work this morning and the response has been very positive. Everyone has been surprised by the size of the cake and amount of chocolate and everyone who has had a slice has liked it.

At 1:41 PM, Anonymous rob said...

jay, what are you doing making a 3 layer cake? did you save the top layer for yourself and took the other to work? looks damn good though

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Jeremiah Scott said...

I didn't save the top layer for myself, but I did save all the stuff I cut off the tops of the cake to level them.

And I ate the icing that was left on the edges of the bowl.


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