Thursday, February 23, 2006

Super Simple Pot Roast

Alright, I want to start by saying that the picture does not do this meal justice. I just wanted to get that out there.

So I'm calling this Super Simple Pot Roast since the amount of effort required to put this together is close to nill. For the cookware you'll only need a slow cooker and a frying pan and some tongs or a big fork to flip the roast and transfer it to the slow cooker. The ingredients for this dish are: a roast (I just bought what was on sale, mine was about 2.5 lbs in size, make sure that you don't buy a roast bigger than your slow cooker), a bag of frozen stew vegetables (the one I got had potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions), and some salt and pepper. Yea, that's it, 4 ingredients since the vegies all come together in a bag (which only costs a $1 at the grocery store). It's a budget friendly meal too.

To put it all together first put the vegies in the bottom of the slow cooker and turn the thing on (either high or low depending on how long you have for the meal to cook, if you are going to let it cook all day, use low, if you want it ready in about 4 hours, use high). After you have the vegies in the cooker, put your frying pan on the stove and get it nice and hot. Your going to be searing the sides of the roast. Open the roast and salt and pepper one side. Once the pan is hot, put the seasoned side down in the pan and season the top side. Don't touch the roast for at least a few minutes. If you try to pull the roast away from the pan too soon it will stick to the pan, you'll know when its ready to be turned when it is easy to flip. Once flipped, brown the other side for a few minutes. Once the roast is browned (depending on the shape of your roast you might want to do all 4 sides, might was pretty flat so I just did the top and bottom) transfer it to the slow cooker. Put the lid on the cooker and let everything cook down.

As the roast cooks its juices will drip down in the vegetables giving them great flavor.

Hours later..... your roast is done and ready to eat. If you like your vegetables a little more firm then I would suggest adding more fresh (not frozen) vegies to the slow cooker about an hour to an hour and a half before you plan to eat. That give plenty of time for the vegetables to get tender but not too soft.



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