Monday, October 17, 2005

Peach Cookie Cobbler

I've been waiting to make this dessert for a while now. My original plan was to make individual cobblers in my onion soup bowls (these are the same shape and size as mine but a different color), but I saw that they were not oven safe. So instead I made the cobbler in an 8"x8" dish.

The thing that makes this cobbler unique and simple is that the topping is ready-made sugar cookie dough. If you wanted to make it even easier you could use canned fruit. I cooked down 2 bags of frozen peaches with a little sugar until the peaches were warmed through and a slight syrup had formed. The peaches were poured into the baking the dish and I rolled out the dough so it would cover the top of the dish. All that was left was to put the dough on top of the peaches and put the dish in the oven. I think it took about 40 minutes to bake (I kept checking until the top was golden brown.)

I served the cobbler with whipped topping but ice cream would make a great compliment as well.

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