Monday, July 09, 2007

Transformers Collection

I know this is very off topic, but some people wanted to see my Transformers Collection so I decided to do a post here about it. This also allows me to put in lots of pictures. I will try my best to give a basic overview of what is in each picture. You can also click on the picture to see a larger copy.

Here is the best overview shot of the collection. Most everything is on these bookshelves or in the cases.

This is the view of the other side of the room. There is another IKEA case along with a table and a shelf that mostly holds Alternators.

Another overview shot.

This is the "Axalon" ship that I built last year for the Botcon Art Contest. On it are the pre-Beast Wars figures. Behind are the Transformers Race Track and the Hard Hero Unicron statue.

On these shelves are some Cybertron figures where I was trying to make a scene similar to how the series ended with supersized Starscream and his minions against the smaller Autobots. Below that are some Convention/Club Exclusives. There are some reissue Beast Wars figures on the top on the right. All my minicons are mostly here on these risers. Below the minicons are some Energon figures.

These shelves have the rest of the Energon line along with all of the Beast type figures. These includes Beasts from Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and Robots In Disguise.

These shelves have all of my Universe figures. I think I have mostly all of the figures released under Universe except for a few. I also have some still in their package which are not pictured.

Here is Armada and some larger figures. There is Unicron, Primus, Masterpiece Prime, and Galaxy Force Prime.

Here is my G1 Reissue collection.

The left side case is my G1 collection, the right is Cybertron.

Same as above, G1 on left, Cybertron on right.

Here are the Alternators along with some Titaniums and some Gobots are on the end.

These are my Classics Decepticons. These include this year's Botcon exclusives.

Here are the Classics Autobots. Alpha Trion is hopefully coming soon.

Movie Autobots. Not many here yet, I'm sure this will fill up soon.

Movie Decepticons. Same story as above, I know this shelf will fill up fast.

Here are my statues and busts. In the back are the Rhinox statue and the Insecticon statues. Also there is a Energon Ultra Magnus up there.

Nothing too exciting up here other than Unicron with some minicons around him.

Here is a store display spinner where I have some more minicons and most of the Legends of Cybertron figures. Cybertron Cryoscourge looks over them.

And thats about it. Thanks for looking.


At 3:23 AM, Blogger keel wong said...

omg!im envy to you!

At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Savings Assistant said...

My 15 year old son thinks your collection rocks! I should send you a pic of his Lego collection - he almost rivals yours in volume!


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