Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rocky Road Chocolate Bark

Yesterday afternoon I was debating over what to make for this morning, the choices were Rocky Road Chocolate Bark or Jello Cookies(raspberry flavored). Obviously the chocolate bark won.

This was also a good way to use up extra chocolate that I had around the house. Using the double boiler method I melted down some baking chocolate, a little leftover milk chocolate from Easter (good pure chocolate lasts forever), and some semi-sweet chocolate chips. They were all melted together I stirred in crushed graham cracker, peanuts, and mini marshmallows. I poured the mixture onto the Silpat which was on a cookie sheet and spread it all out to a smooth layer (as smooth as I could).

At this point it could have been done but I wasn't happy with the thickness of the chocolate and I figured that it wouldn't set up well enough so I melted down some more chocolate chips and spread this over the first layer. The melted chocolate filled in all around the marshmallows and it was all a pretty even layer now.

I then put everything in the refrigerator for about an hour to set. Once it was set I lifted the bark off the Silpat and broke it into bite sized pieces.

They're really good.



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